New York City

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

The Flatiron Cleaning Co. was founded in 1893, the first residential house and window cleaning service in New York. Flatiron has serviced many of the famous as well as the infamous residents of this great city.

Our always professional, reliable and dependable staff enable us to make window cleaning a good experience for the customer, without the anxiety and stress that can otherwise be caused by allowing outsiders in your home. We continue to provide service at the finest residences in New York City.

We offer a complete wood flooring service under our firm Floorworks Ltd. These services consist of repair, replacement or complete new installation of wood floors of all types. We also refinish all hard wood floor surfaces, offering a myriad of finishes.

We at Flatiron Cleaning and Floorworks are happy to be entering our second century and we shall endeavor to continue the fine tradition we have been so proud to offer these many years.